Blog Canceled Due to Inclimate Weather

A powerful snowstorm swept through my region Tuesday night, resulting in a power outage Wednesday that continues to this very moment. Thanks to this, I am unable to access any of my work to schedule it for this site.

With luck, my power will be back by the time the main series is to update (Monday morning), but I regret to inform my readers that I am unable to post a blog post for Friday.

To make up for this gap in your leisure time, allow my recommend some alternatives:

Kingdom of Loathing: A free online RPG with absurd humor and fun gameplay.

Worm: A superhero webfiction series with a darker bent than The Descendants.

Starharbor Nights: Another very good piece of superhero webfiction.

School for Adventurers: A Fantasy web serial.

Hope to see everyone back here ASAP!

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  1. thanks for the suggested reading. School for Adventurers is pretty damn good. Is Starharbor finished? it looks like it hasn’t had an update since 2009, and I hate getting invested in stories that don’t have an ending.

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