A Girl and Her Monster Now Available in Paperback

A Girl and Her Monster paperbacks are now on sale for $9.99 USD (available on Amazon and Createspace [use code “JC6FHA72” to get 25% off at Createspace]. You can still contact me for a signed copy, and for our friends and Europe, the ebook is now finally free on Amazon UK.

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  1. I went there and checked. It might be free in the UK, but it’s not free in germany. Just letting you know.

    • I am aware and am trying to get that done. The reason it’s such slow going is that sometimes going free on one platform makes you free on others. Free on .com made my free in Canada and I just saw that free in the UK made me free in Japan of all places instead of the rest of Europe. I’ll include the links to report all of the currently not-free stores with this week’s blog post. Unfortunately, this isn’t a process I can do alone jus by flipping a switch.

      Until then, however, any of you that wants a free copy of the two books that are free on Amazon can email me at soulfulbard AT gmail and I’ll send you an epub copy.

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