The Whitecoat: Networked #4

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She didn’t notice me tear open the bars due to her eyes being closed in agony, but she definitely noticed when I used my good hand to pull her chains out of their sockets and halt the impromptu electroshock therapy. “You…” she breathed.

“If you say one word about me being a male and rescuing you, a female in negative terms, I swear to god, I’ll plug you back in.” I said, the pain having wrung my humor dry.

“I was going to say thank you.” Stunner sniffed, shrugging the chains the rest of the way off. “But maybe that’s not necessary anymore.”

“It isn’t.” I said tersely. “The guy that hired Tank, he’s using those rage chips to make people hyper violent so he can make cash showing the fights.” I explained as she buckled the belt on. “You and I were going to be unmasked on the air for the same reason.”

“What about Tank?” Stunner, she of the one track mind, demanded.

“I don’t know, I don’t care.” I said honestly. I was heading back to my cell to get my other gauntlet. My thumb still hurt, but I wasn’t nearly blinded by pain anymore.

“I’m just here for the bounty on Tank.” Stunner moaned, “I don’t care about this other guy.”

“Are you just not listening?” I asked. “He plans to expose us. Then he’s going to let all the loons and sociopaths that buy from him know where we live and who we care about. Is any of this not getting through to you?” I slammed the gauntlet onto my own arm, causing a few stars in my vision in the process.

“Fine. We’ll nail this guy too.” Stunner said, priming her guns. “But this time, Tank is mine.”

“Whatever.” I groaned, heading for the door. The Descendants never had to deal with this crap, you know?

To Be Continued…

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