The Spider’s Seven #7 – The Myth

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This time, Wendell didn’t have a quick reply. He just stared at her. Were there tears in her eyes? Tears of anger on top of sorrow.

When he spoke, his tone, demeanor, and even his voice were different. “Your husband?”

Her glare should have rightfully burned him up on the spot. “I told you that you don’t get to talk about him. All I said was that I know someone it happened to. I knew it was trouble, knew he didn’t know enough, but I didn’t press the issue and because of that, that man died. I don’t give a damn what kind of rivalry between you and Anansi, or you and me that you’ve made up in your head, Leiter, but we’re all supposed to be working together, and I’m not going to let anyone I know, even a weaselly conman like you, die that way.”

She shoved her hands down to her sides and squeezed them into firsts. The artificial joins complained at the strain. “Maybe that’s the redemption he was talking about. Not for the people I’ve killed, but the one I didn’t save. The one that mattered.”

Without further discussion, she turned and went to the door. Her message was delivered and somehow, she’d put far too much ammunition into the hands of the conman. As she stood in the threshold, partly inside, partly out, he called out to her, still using what might have been his real voice and genuine tone.

“For what it’s worth, Sue, I’m sorry.” He said, and after a pause, added, “And… thanks.”

She slammed the door behind her.

To Be Continued…

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