The Whitecoat and the Second String #4

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series The Whitecoat and the Second String

Chapter the Fourth; In Which Barn Owl Does A Favor.

Owl passed the cards to me so I could deal while he went to grab another beer. He came back with one for Improv and Stunner too who had empties in front of them from their third and second beers respectively.

He took his seat just in time for me to start dealing. “Okay, so. This story doesn’t leave this place, got it? It’s just between the five of us.”

“You’re being pretty dramatic about this.” Urban laughed. “I thought this was going to be a funny story.”

“Way over dramatic.” I said. “It’s not even embarrassing, it’s just… cute.”

“Cute?” Asked Stunner.

“Yeah.” I said carefully. Her tone sounded incredulous for no apparent reason. “What about it?”

“Nothing.” She said, trying to sound innocent. “Just surprised to hear Mr. Super-cowboy talking about ‘cute’. Didn’t think it was manly enough for you.”

“Okay.” I finished dealing the cards and pointed at her. “First, I’m not a cowboy. Do you see a six-gun? Do you see spurs? Do you even see a lasso—which would be really useful if I knew how to use one—but I don’t because I’m not a cowboy.”

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