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Issue #13: Another Kind of Homecoming

The threat of Project Tome reduced, Laurel sets to work trying to notify the teens' families and manages to get a hold of three. And while the Kaines have a joyful reunion and Kareem's parents come to understand what has been done to their son, it isn't her blood relations that Cyn cares to be with. Why and what she plans to do with it are the questions othe hour in the first issue of Volume 2.

Issue #14: Standing With Titans

The Kin call for help, sending the Descendants to New York in search of them. Along the way, they team up with Warrick's old mentor, The Whitecoat, in order to tangle with the Tongs and their deadly enforcer the Legion of One. Can Alloy survive a villainous teleporter and do his idol proud? Find out here!

Issue #15: Never Simple

The Valentine's Day dance is fast approaching and Warrick is looking for a date... without much success. And even when he manages to get one, he and his friends are going to have to go through a small army of less than typical cyborgs just to get there on time! In love, as in life, things are never simple.

Issue #16: Psalm of a Soul

An attempt to probe a tear in the astral plane ends in disaster and Kareem is missing! Melissa heads up the search and has a bizarre encounter with Liedecker's newest ally, Vorpal along the way. But what happened to Kareem has nothing compared to what else came through the astral rift. Prelude to The Devil Came Down to Mayfield.

Issue #17: Freaque

The Devil Came Down to Mayfield Part 1. Something deadly stalks Mayfield and it's very existence is lending fuel to the Reverend Stiles's anti-psionic campaign. The Descendants spring into action to hunt down this threat, but the threat hits close to home when it attacks Warrick's girlfriend and seems to have ties with his ex.

Issue #18: A Tale of Two Churches

The Mauler remains at large and as if he wasn't trouble enough, the Descendants had Reverend Stiles's rally to deal with! Not only that, but Chaos finds himself kidnapped by a religious sect hunting Mauler as a demon. Things get worse and Occult enters the mix when it comes to light that destroying the Mauler might come at the cost of an innocent life. Conclusion of The Devil Came Down to Mayfield.

Issue #19: All Girls Want Bad Boys

Juniper is struggling with asking out Snackrifice's quiet drummer, Adel, but suddenly, Adel isn't so quiet anymore. Warrick and JC start acting strange too and before the know it, Juniper, Cyn, Lisa and Tink take it upon themselves to find out what's going on. Things take a turn for the worse when the realize they're not just up against some mind controlled boys: they're up against Alloy too.

Issue #20: The Irrepressible Spark

Tammy Kaine IS the Irrepressible Spark! And unfortunately, she's just stumbled across a villain try-out session. Lucky for her, her brother Alloy, along with Facsimile, Zero, and The Whitecoat are on their way! And just whose side if Vorpal on anyway?

Descendants Special #2: Promenade

It's time for the junior prom for the youngest of our heroes. Expect romance, schoolyard scheming, and... dark portents of things to come? Now it's a party.

Issue #21: Come the Black Clouds

She's back! And this time, Morganna is not alone; she's bought a squad of faeries and demons along just to spice things up. Not only are the Descendants in for the fight of their lives, but Liedecker puts his hand in, looking for vengeance for what the sorceress has done to his men. A Magitech Crisis Part 1.

Issue #22: The Breaking Storm

Morganna's demonic allies sense betrayal in the works and enlist Liedecker to turn the tables. Meanwhile, the Descendants fight to stop Morganna from depowering every psionic on Earth and Occult is on a mission of her own: to save her aunt. Who will win? Find out in Part 2 of A Magitech Crisis!

A MagiTech Crisis: Epilogue

In this special issue, strange things are happening in the wake of Morganna's defeat. The world of the Descendants is changed forever by the forces Morganna sought to unleash and everyone must scramble to figure out how to deal with it.

Issue #23: June 18 (Post Modern Prometheus)

A family obligation Ian has already put off once calls him home to California and Alexis goes with him as moral support. While they get reacquainted, Aces High undertakes a series of complex missions, but for what sinister purpose? Find out in this issue!

Issue #24: Love Like Mad

When Alexis turns down the advances of a researcher at the museum Warrick and Jun have summer jobs, little does she know that he's about to undergo some changes thanks to an otherworldly artifact! High on power and short on sanity, can the Descendants face a godlike power if they plan to stop Madrigal Madigan from acting on his infatuation.

Descendants Annual #2

After a period of dormancy, Tome is back in action, targeting young descendants who now have nowhere 'safe' to go now that the Academy has been exposed. But what can the Descendants do to protect them when they're all over the country.

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