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Issue #25: Summer Session

Laurel and Alexis travel to the Brunswick School in England, trying to use them as a safe haven for the teens on Tome's target list. They're not the only ones going to Europe though; Vorpal comes calling on Mr. Voice at his home for psionics on the South of France. All three will come away from the experience with something they didn't expect.

Issue #26: Ace Agenda

Cyn is feeling lonely with everyone else having other things to do over the Bright, Bright Summer. She won't have much time for moping though, because Brother Wright and Aces High have a scheme-- but why does it involve kidnapping Kay?

Issue #27: Beyond Good And Medieval

The Descendants head to Virginia Beach, but not for fun in the sun, but to protect one of the kids on Tome's list: Joy Duvall from a Tome plot in the works. Between dealing with Joy's sisters and keeping Tome's agents at bay in the middle of a Ren Faire, they might have their work cut out for them.

It's superheroes vs knights in this exciting issue!

Issue #28: The Beach Episode

Even heroes need a vacation and inspired by his last adventure, Warrick takes Tink to the beach for an all day date. It seems they're not the only ones with the same idea. Snackrifice's members, plus Cyn, Alexis and Ian are there too. Will Warrick and Tink mange to get any alone time at all?

Issue #29: Little Girl Lost

Rose Abernathy, another subject on Tome's list, has turned up missing in Arizona. The Descendants team up with Majestrix and Zero Point, a married duo who came out of retirement just for this mission to find her before she falls into Tome's clutches. Unfortunately, something much worse than Tome roams the red rocks and fighting it only makes it stronger.

Issue #30: Strange Times At Dayspring College

Tammy is in town to visit her little brother, but this moment of family togetherness couldn't have come at a worse time! Dayspring College is under attack by ghosts and it's up to the Descendants and the Irrepressible Spark to figure out why before someone gets hurt! Part one of the 4 arc.

Issue #31: It Came From a Warped Star

The mastermind behind the 'ghost' attacks is revealed and his objective, the Book of Passions, is in reach. All he needs is the one person in all the world that holds the key to using it's phenomenal powers. Part 2 of the 4 arc.

Issue #32: Ahead/Behind

After eleven years, Melissa Forester is going home. But a decade changes a lot and some things have happened in the intervening years that Melissa might not be prepared to face.

Meanwhile, Ian and Alexis take a detour in their mission to recruit a young descendant to the school, one that brings Alexis face to face with her parents and sisters for the first time in years.

Descendants Special #3: A Brilliant Twilight

The bright, bright summer comes to an end, but not before the Descendants and their friends have one more summer party before heading back to school or to work.

Issue #33: The Liedecker Institute: Freshman Class

The new school is open for business! Join Alloy's sister Tammy as she meets her new classmates and kicks off the Liedecker Institute series.

Issue #34: Back to School

The younger Descendants hit the books once more while Laurel and Alexis start their new jobs at the Liedecker Institute. This leave Ian standing alone when a new bevy of criminals starts making a scene in Mayfield with knockoffs of the Descendants' own powers!

Issue #35: Demonology

The Book of Reason leads Codex and Occult to attempt to persuade Augustus to take up the Book of Passions. This process is not at all helped by a fey bounty hunter looking to kill any magic user he can find. Things heat up even more when he sets his sites on Rehenimaru.

Issue #36: Let’s Go

Meet Abscondro, a cat burglar with the distinct advantage of being able to phase through solid matter. He's good at what he does and what he does is abscond with all your valuables. He has one small problem: a loony fan-girl with powers of her own and a burning desire to hang out with her hero. Maybe the Descendants will have to save him from her instead...

Descendants Annual #3

Year three draws to a close and it looks like it's smooth sailing ahead for our heroes, right? Not hardly. Their biggest enemies are just getting started and gearing up for their most spectacular plots yet!

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