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Issue #0 From There to Here

In the aftermath of a horrible revelation, seven psionics retreat to Freeland House in Mayfield, Virginia. There, they face the terrible truth, come to know one another, and figure out what to do with the future they all now face.

Issue #1: Life Savers, Inc

Warrick and Cyn perform a random act of heroism, which gains their hastily assumed secret identities immediate attention. Unfortunately, some of the attention comes from crime lord, Vincent Liedecker who wants nothing more than to quash their heroic careers before it can grow.

Issue #2 The Kin

Ian and Alexis travel to Florida in hopes of getting answers about what the Academy is up to. While Ian tries to reconnect with his old friend, what they actually find is a clan of psionic teens and evidence that the Academy is just the public face of a much larger conspiracy.

Issue #3: Gather

Melissa attempts to break out of her shell by attending an open invitation gala while Warrick and Cyn attend a concert with some new friends. But when the party becomes the target of a violent gang, it's up to Lifesavers, Inc to save the day and their housemate.

Issue #4: Juniper

Ian and Alexis find yet another teen victim of the Academy and Project Tome, Juniper Taylor, and bring her back to Freeland House. She and the other teens attempt to bond in the city, only to find themselves dealing with more than they bargained for at an arts and crafts expo.

Issue #5 Legends of Chaos and Darkness

The malevolent spirit believing itself to be Morganna le Fay possesses Warrick and Cyn's friend, Lisa Ortega and when they go to er rescue, it sets its sights on making war with psionics. With Lifesavers, Inc unable to stop her, Laurel suggests an alternative. Part 1 of Mystic Spiral

Issue #6: Myths and Heroes

Morganna continues her mad plan with Alexis and Ian closing in on her and Lisa's aunt offers her a deal in exchange for her niece’s life. Can Chaos and Darkness defeat this medieval nightmare, especially when she unleashes her mighty lieutenant: Lucian the Ape Knight. Part 2 of Mystic Spiral.

Issue #7: Legacy of One

Morganna returns and this time, she's gunning for Vincent Liedecker. Lifesavers, Inc (and their temporary caretakers) are caught in the crossfire between magic and the mob with the public left in serious danger. And what exactly is this Book of Reason Morganna wants so badly? Mystic Spiral Finale.

Issue #8: Objectivity

Our heroes are not alone and General Lawrence Pratt and the ROCIC makes this known to Alexis and Ian. The mystery of Project Tome comes to the fore, but will certain revelations do more harm than good, especially when it comes to Ian's relationship with Alexis?

Issue #9 Ladies of Ragnarok

Robots are robbing Mayfield blind and Lifesavers, Inc can't help because they've been taken out of action! Meanwhile, Warrick's got a date and the green-eyed monster gives Cyn a visit over it. Can a concert ticket from a mysterious old man fix any of this?

Issue #10: All Saints and Spirits

Monsters are attacking Mayfield's citizens, but it's not Lifesaver's Inc that saves the day? Who is Occult and what exactly is going on? Laurel turns to the Book of Reason to find out and brings Kareem, Alexis and Ian along for the ride.

Descendants Special #1: Witches, Goblins and Superheroes

All Hallows Eve also happens to be the eve of Warrick's birthday, and that means it's time for a party!

Issue #11: We Will Be Villians

Project Tome now knows where their missing test subjects went and they have a plan to flush them out of hiding.

Meet the Redeemers: Shine, Wartorn, Launch, Manriki and Wolf. In order to do their job and hunt the heroes, they will be villains. Part 1 of Siege.

Issue #12: Here and Now

Siege Part 2. Tome has launched their attack. The Redeemers are having a field day with the city and only one group can stop them.

Meet Darkness, Chaos, Codex, Alloy, Facsimile, Zero, Ephemeral, and Hope. To protect the city and one another, they will come together; they will stand against evil; they will become: The Descendants.

Descendants Annual #1

In the aftermath of the Redeemer incident, the Academy is breathing it's last, the Enforcer Corps is on the run, and Tome has returned to the shadows. What does the future hold for our heroes? Whatever it is, it starts right here.

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