Malady Place – E101 “Meeting Miss Faust” Act 1

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1 Malady Place, since the original building was built by Abraham Ulysses Faust, and by the statutes of the trust he placed the property in when he died, was required to have a Suite Number 6 on the sixth floor.   After being renovated or completely rebuilt several times, Suite Number 6 remained, even while the rest of the building changed. Thus, Suite Number 6 was surrounded by 614 (Global Data Exchange Unlimited Call Center #318) and 616 (The Natalie Harmon Design Studio). The door out front still featured the frosted window bearing the words ‘Faust, Private Eye’. It was the same one that was installed in 1927 by Wilson Faust.   It was now 2068. The business was Faust Investigations and Inquisition, and the Faust was Renee, the apparent great-several-times niece of Abraham.   Behind the frosted window was a wood paneled reception room with a modern desk and hardwood floors. Two neat file cabinets flanked the door to the inner office, and a water cooler was placed beside the door to the restroom. There was also a leather couch and two heavy, high-backed chairs.   The place was almost sterile in appearance. The only thing out of place … Continue reading

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