Tome Attacks (The Descendants Basic Collection, #2)

descendants_collection02_200x320The Psionics Training and Application Academy was founded with the promise of teaching psionics, people born with superhuman powers, to apply their abilities toward the good of all people. But in reality, they were merely a front to kidnap and experiment on the most powerful among them.
One group discovered the truth. And they’ve just uncovered the long, harrowing history that led to it.
But even so armed, the tiny group of psionics living in Mayfield, Virginia; in hiding from the Academy’s forces, is plagued with internal conflict as well. They’ll have to settle their differences before it tears them apart—or before the sinister Project Tome and their cybernetic hellhounds, the inugami do…
Collects Issues #8-12, Descendants Special #1, and Descendants Annual #1 of The Descendants.


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