The Whitecoat and the Second String #1

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“I know I’ll not be voting for her.” Urban said. “She has no faith in me, I have no faith in her.”

Stunner pouted again. I couldn’t tell if it was at Urban, her cards, or both. “I get results though, and I give her proof of the things I do. Maybe if you guys gave her reason to have faith…”

“Stun.” Owl’s voice was quick and forceful. She’d gone too far even for him, it seemed. “No. Look, we’ve all paid our dues, reports to the mayor’s office or no. We don’t need a badge or Mayor Raymond’s approval to prove we’re heroes, we have actions, we have experience.”

Something about his tone, or the way he looked at her seemed to strike home with Stunner, because she visibly sank back in her chair. “W…what kinds of experiences?”


Urban held up a finger to interrupt him even as she folded a lousy hand. “Allow me to go first, Barn Owl. I shall enjoy having a hand in Stunner’s education.”

To Be Continued…

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