Descendants L.A. Annual #1 – Gala Event (Part 2)

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

Ramona becomes the center of attention when she’s mistaken for a member of the team and unbeknownst to the team, D3I’s agenda starts to take shape. Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #12 – Gala Event (Part 1)

This entry is part 12 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

Descendants LA is attending the charity ball of the century–and it’s completely against Ray’s will. Of course, Felix and Lydia are excited, but how will the members of the team not of this Earth handle it? And then there’s the small matter of Ramona… It’s glitz, glamor and good times in this issue of Descendants: LA. Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #8 – Ensemble (Part 2)

This entry is part 8 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

Concerned about his father’s interference with his team, Ray confronts him, only to be drawn into a new mission. But will Ray fall into line, or will he take his own path? Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #7 – Ensemble (Part 1)

This entry is part 7 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

After a fight with a very… familiar… cyborg, ray discovers that D3I is once again interfering with the team without giving him the heads up. Things only get more complicated when Ray’s father offers to cut him a deal: he’ll go to bat for him against D3I’s marketing goons if Ray does the company a little favor: a favor that might alter D:LA’s roster! Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #6 – Above the Line pt. 3

This entry is part 6 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

Above the Line concludes as the team rushes to stop a heavily armed bank robbery. Meanwhile differences crop up between Ray’s idea of how the team should be managed and his father’s. Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #4 – Above the Line pt. 1

This entry is part 4 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

Ray entered the main room with a loud, yawn and an expensive stretch. Showered, shaved, and fully refreshed, he was ready to face the day. Now, if only the apartment had windows… Maybe he could ask Felix to set them up with some high quality digital screens and external cameras to simulate it without giving away their presence at the Agency.

Just another thing to add to the to-do list. He wasn’t even used to having a to-do list yet. There were a lot of things he needed to get used to, like not being the only early-riser.

When he’d been living at home, mornings were his domain. Like a solitary big cat, he stalked about in the early morning hours, doing as he pleased and not having to consider anyone or anything else. Now, he was getting a taste of what he imagined it was like to be a devote of sleeping in like Felix.

Josh was sitting cross-legged on one section of the couch, watching an old sitcom with an interest equaled only by the most serious students. And in the kitchen, Icthiani was apparently having a staring contest with the cappuccino maker.

“Morning?” He asked, curious as … Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #3 – Debut pt.3

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

This wasn’t exactly unfolding as Josh had planned.

Following Felix’s exit and Icthiani’s query, an awkward silence had fallen over the room. Caught red handed speaking poorly of his sister behind her back, he, Ray and Lydia were all trying very hard not to meet the gaze of her green-on-red eyes. The worst part by far, from their perspective, was the fact that Icthiani seemed to be enjoying it.

When no one answered her, she started the conversation on her own. “So it seems everyone n the household has… I’m searching to the word… vendetta? Grievance? Loshuia, you know the tongue better than I do. Please tell me the right one.”

Josh locked gazes with her finally. “Grievances works. But most people would say they ‘have issues’ or ‘a bone to pick’.”

She made a face at the last one, but put that aside for the moment. “Yes. Everyone has issues with me…. except the one I’m said to abuse the worst. Please explain.”

With the initial shock over, Lydia was the first to react. “I guess I’ll just come right out and say it, Ani: You’re mean. As far as I know, we’ve never been anything but nice to … Continue reading

Descendants L.A. #2 – Debut pt.2

This entry is part 2 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

The Fayth Building, Beverly Hills, home to the Fayth Talent Agency.

Every day, Hollywood hopefuls passed through its doors hoping to get their one chance to show the world just what they were capable of and maybe, if they were very fortunate, take their first step on the path to fame and fortune.

What they and the vast majority of the agency’s fifty employees didn’t know was that there was a section of the top two floors that was inexpressible from any of the public floors. Nor did they know that the spacious underground parking garage had a second level that was more than a mere garage.

The Fayth Talent Agency had neighbors, building-mates, and they were none the wiser.

The elevator doors whispered open in a spacious sunken living room. It didn’t really matter that it whispered, though, because the elevator’s occupants were making enough noise to drown them out even if they had groaned like straining and rusty iron.

“–So badass!” Teen Machine was saying to Zephyrus as they stepped out of the confined space, followed shortly by Rebound and the Boarder. “You were like swish, swish, swish and that elephant thing just went flying! Josh, you have … Continue reading

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