Rise of Morganna (The Descendants Miniseries Collection, #1)

mini_rise_of_morganna_200x320From the pages of the superhero series, The Descendants.In the present, the sorceress Morganna is a supremely powerful madwoman. But a thousand years in the past, there was only Elise of Halfren, daughter of Marcus.Before the overwhelming mystic power, before the madness, there was one young woman’s drive to prove a daughter’s worth. What it led to was a path of darkness that altered the course of all human history that is yet to be understood in the present.

In that present, Morganna finds herself in the strange world of Faerie, forced to fight not only for survival, but to regain her lost power.

Rise of Morganna is a miniseries spin-off from the series, The Descendants, taking place after The Descendants #7: Legacy of One, which is collected in We Could Be Heroes, (The Descendants Basic Collection, #1).

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