After her defeat at the hands of the Descendants, Morganna falls into the strange realm of Faerie. Stripped of her magic, and consumed by her insanity, she embarks upon a crusade to regain what she’s lost and return to Earth. But this isn’t the first time she’s fallen.
Before the madness of Morganna, there was Elise of Halfren, daughter of Marcus. And it was her drive to prove a daughter’s worth that lead her to power and a spiral into darkness that changed the course of history.
Best Read After: Descendants #18

whitecoatnetworkedNew York is the most aggressive city in the world, but that’s not enough for someone. They’re raising the stakes with tech-laced goods that turn even the most mild mannered civilians into criminals and madmen.
It’s up to The Whitecoat to track them down at the source and put an end to it. But he can’t do it alone. To save the day, he’ll have to stop being a lone wolf and get Networked.
Best Read After: Descendants Annual #2

liedeckerlt_sonVincent Liedecker could have easily lived a life of privilege and wealth. Instead, he became the Master of the Mayfield Underworld.
How did this son of a philanthropist become a powerful crimelord? What drives this man how faces down heroes and monsters alike? Find out as we explore the Life and Times of Vincent Liedecker.
Best Read After: Descendants #41 

whitecoatsecondstringHigh stakes mix with tall tales as The Whitecoat, Barn Owl and Stunner have a poker night with fellow New York heroes, Improv and Urban Amazon. Between hands, each hero has a war story to tell about their own exploits in the Big Apple, from mobsters to monsters and everything in between.
Best Read After: Descendants #45


The mysterious ally of George, Anansi, is recruiting people for a purpose known only to himself. What possible purpose can this crew of misfits and criminals serve for the greater good? And just who or what is Anansi anyway?

Best Read After: Descendants #49


He’s got the crew and he’s got a plan, but now The Spider is having second thoughts. The Seven suddenly find themselves leaderless with the life of a child and perhaps every hero on Earth in the balance. Can even their skills and abilities pass the test when they no longer have Anansi’s guidance?

Best Read After: Spider’s 7 Annual #1

Liedecker’s best hired gun has many secrets, kept from many people, but the true history of Vorpal has more twists than any rabbit hole and more sharp edges than a broken looking glass.

What made Zoe McNamarra into Vorpal, and can she ever come back after what she’s seen and done?

Best Read After: Descendants #52

Vincent Liedecker spent his life with the assurance that his father knew what to do no matter what. But when gang violence takes his father away from him, Vincent has to put his own skills and guile to the test in order procure vengeance.
Best Read After: Descendants #52

Magic is returning and it seems that the University of Mary Washington is a popular first stop. The first wizard’s cabal in North America in centuries is about to learn that spellcasters aren’t the only type of mystic being making a comeback.
Best If Read After: Descendants #59


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