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Order of the Stick

Every fan of Dungeons and Dragons should know this one already and have it bookmarked.

This is the absolute best RPG webcomic out there and the characters, humor and plot are so much fun, you won’t even notice that the art is modified stick figures. It starts as gag oriented, but grows into an epic story without losing the fun.

Tumble Dry

Even monsters have to do their laundry and this is where they do it. Tumble Dry is a fun gag comic featuring classic mythological monsters ‘behind the scenes’ as it were as they try and go about their day to day lives. It’s very funny and well drawn—and as of this writing, it’s very young, meaning it’s easy to get into.

It’s also written by the owner of the comic shop I get my four color fix from, who is a pretty awesome guy.

Flaky Pastry

A catgirl, a goblin mechanist, and an elf who might just be the natural embodiment of chaos in the world. I love this comic so hard. The characters as fun and not at all what you would expect from the outset, and the world is interesting; a look at what would happen if your typical D&D universe actually progressed from the dark ages to the modern age.

A word of warning: There’s a lot of fan-service here. No outright nudity, but sexy costumes and sexy talk abound. Don’t say I didn’t tell you exactly what you’ll be seeing over there.

Girl Genius

‘Gaslamp Fantasy’, as the creators call it, while you might be more familiar with the term ‘steampunk’ (and if you are, you also know that the character Steampunk from Liedecker Institute has nothing to do with the genre). This is the story of a plucky girl named Agatha in a world where mad scientists have taken over the world and are now duking it out for supremacy.

The series is a fun on a bun and the world building/tech is candy if you’ve got an eye for that sort of thing like I do. Funny and badass are doled out in equal proportions and never stops coming.


An elementary school for superheroes.

They had me at ‘hello’. This is perhaps the definitive kid hero comic on the web. Like so many great webcomics, it starts with one-off gags and turns them into memorable and surprisingly original characters and engrossing plots. The early stories deal with Tyler, a normal kid who happens to be the son of supers who hope he’ll ‘blossom’, but hapless Tyler is soon joined by a huge cast that varies from story to story. If you like superheroes and comedy, this deserves a look.

Love and Capes

Tired of women in refrigerators, disposable love interests and superheroes never, ever being able to find love for longer than an in-universe month? Then Love and Capes has your back.

The entire story is based on the courtship between a superhero and his normal love interest. And surprise, surprise, it still pulls off being engaging, funny, and at times dramatic while keeping these two crazy kids happily in love. And not only does it pull off the ‘warm fuzzies’ thing, but it also works as an affectionate parody of superheroes without mocking the genre. Definitely worth the read.

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