Lighter Days, Darker Nights (Rune Breaker, #2)

RB_02 200x320Just a few weeks after the events of A Girl and Her Monster, Taylin, Ru, Kaiel and the entire Clan of the Winter Willow return!
The caravan heads to Daire City for trade, only to run afoul of the ever-changing politics of Novrom. While Grandmother and King Solgrum lock horns, Taylin and her companions take advantage of the delay to enjoy what the city has to offer. Along the way, they meet a skilled contractor for the Historical Guild of Kinos, her less than skilled ward, and a pious swordsman.
But even the thick city walls of Daire can’t protect them from the machinations of Immurai the Masked forever, and the demon has plans within plans in store for them.
Collects Book 2 of Rune Breaker.


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