Liedecker Institute Annual #1

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Kura laughed in the deceptively sweet way she did at private jokes and while planning a prank. “I just like watching that vein on his head throb.”

Tammy shook her head and led the way away from the table with Kura once more floating along with her. “So what do you wanna do next? Decorate the tree? Try and get Arkose to do something besides mope? I’m kind of danced out for now.”

“Really? The Gnome would have liked a dance!” The word grew in volume, seeming to rise up from the floor behind them. They looked just in time to see him stop growing.

Truth be told, The Gnome’s voice was bigger than he was even without using his ability to grow smaller (and somehow stronger). Just over five-nothing, he was sill baby-faced with huge ears and freckles, which made his boisterous basso voice all the more comical. As always, he wore a red pointed cap, presumably to leave no mistake that he meant lawn gnome.

He was looking at Tammy hopefully.

Tammy glanced from him to a nearby open seat that was calling her tired legs and back home. “Hey Kura…” She said, moving her punch so that it was in the same hand as the shrimp cocktail.

“Hmm?” Asked her friend, who had another tart stuffed into her face.

“Didn’t you say you thought Gnome was funny?”

Kura nodded and The Gnome piped up. “That’s The Gnome.”

Without warning, Tammy grabbed Kura’s sleeve and swung her arm. Being buoyant at the moment, Kura offered no resistance as she was skeet-balled into The Gnome. It was amazing he kept on his feet with Kura doing a koala impression with him a a tree.

“Tonight’s your lucky night, The Gnome.” Tammy grinned and headed for her seat. One semester at LI down, and as she heard Dr. Kingsbury berating Kura for what he apparently saw as inappropriate dancing, she couldn’t help but feel optimistic about the next seven.

End Annual #1

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