Liedecker Institute #3: Meet the Class Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Liedecker Institute Volume 1: Meet The Class

This time, however, she wasn’t going for speed and once she had slowed down enough for landing, she pulled herself up and tucked her wings back around her chest. She jogged the rest of the way to Eddie and Jacob.

“Hi.” She gave the pair a little wave.

“Hey.” Jacob said.

“Heb.” Eddie added, returning the wave with a bloody hand. They slowed down a bit for her, but kept walking.

The coppery scent of the blood made Joy’s nose twitch and her stomach churn. Somehow, she managed to keep her look sympathetic. “Are you okay?”

“Prebby mud.” Eddie tried to smile, but the movement made his face hurt.

“What happened?” Joy looked to Jacob for an explanation.

The handsome young man reddened at this. “I… kind of punched him in the face.” He admitted.

To be continued…

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