Liedecker Institute #14 – January Heatwave Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 13 in the series Liedecker Institute Volume 2: Student Life

“Um…” Lucy said hesitantly. “The kids aren’t going to get in too much trouble over this, will they? It was pretty heroic… the thought at least.”

Alvin sighed. “Not as much as they would if I was in charge. It’s heroic, but heroes ante their lives all the time. That’s my job for now. They can do that when they grad…” He trailed off. A sneeze; that was definitely what he’d heard. Followed a second later by a frightened ‘eep’.

“…uate. Excuse me.” He dipped his head to Lucy and started toward the dumpster the sound he’d heard.

And the terrified girl behind it. The girl who was now letting off wisps of smoke.

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  1. Okay, MAYBE she shouldn’t give them to shelter’s when it’s relevant to the plot. But the rest of the time, she totally should.

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