Liedecker Institute #1: Meet the Class Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 13 in the series Liedecker Institute Volume 1: Meet The Class

Phineas glanced at Phil and shrugged.

“Actually, I was just—“ Phil started, but Phineas interrupted.

“Sure, why not, we’ll be over there.” He pointed to the table where the redhead and the now awake Akagi were talking animatedly over a brochure of some sort.

The memory of Hightower’s warning about Akagi presented itself to Phil’s mind. Not that he could trust Hightower’s opinions on anyone after how he’d been treated, but there could be something to it nonetheless. “Well, I was going to go—“

“Come on, Phil.” Phineas said in a tone that would have made any snake oil salesman proud, “You wanna hear what I was talkin’ about when it comes to dealing with Hightower and Rapunzel’s attitude problems, right?”

Phil wanted to shake his head ‘no’, but found himself nodding.

“Good.” Phineas said. “Come on, Phil, Steamy, let’s get some breakfast and then have a talk with the master.”

“Master?” Steampunk queried.

“Of taking those two ego cases down a peg.” Phineas explained. “And there’s nobody that’s done it better than Kura Akagi.”

To be continued

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