Descendants Volume 7 Archive

Issue #73 – Give Thanks

Just in time for the season, the Descendants each celebrate (American) Thanksgiving, each in thier own way.

Issue #74 – Bit Part Bad Guys

When people with newly acquired superpowers run amok, Alexis is tapped to help find and bring down the source of a dangerous and potentially deadly new fad.

Issue #75 – Kaiju for Christmas

It's the 75th issue of The Descendants! And we're celebrating with an incredibly well-timed Christmas issues that let's Vaal indulge in his favorite things: Giant Monsters, evil symbiotes, dinosaurs and Juniper!

Wait. What?

Issue #76 – Silicon Soul, Adamantine Will

New York's Mayor is about to unveil her newest crime fighting initiative, the robot M7-Adamantine. What about this robo-cop has The Whitecoat worried, and Brother Wright excited? Start reading right here to find out.

Issue #77 – Date Night

Ian and Alexis have big plans for Saturday night! Unfortunately, so does someone else. Introducing the Joykiller--and his first appearance isn't the only big change in this issue!

Issue #78 – Delved Too Deep (Une Mascarade Brisée Part 1)
Project Tome resurfaces, but not to threaten the Descendants. This time they're running scared of the consequences of their dark deeds. Tome has delved too deep and now it's up to the Descendants to make sure innocent people won't pay the price.
Issue #79 – Tome of Secrets (Une Mascarade Brisée Part 2)
The adventure continues in the second part of this tale as the dragon Armigal issues an ultimatum to Our Heroes: help her track down Project Tome--or innocents will suffer.
Descendants Special #7 – The Curtain Rises
Another facet of Tome's secrets is revealed, but the dragon Armigal has even more to say: of Maeve, of the 4, and of the Game of Kings!
Issue #80 – Bitter Work
When Tammy is abruptly sent to a camp for unruly descendant teens, no one seems to understand what's happening or why--but they're going to do something about it!
Issue #81 - Kin, Speed and Ducks
And now, something completely different: a story about Callie and The Kin. Also confirming a question I got at least half a dozen emails about.
Issue #82 – What To Do With Your Downtime
Warrick and Kareem both have some free time on thier hands. For one: Game Night! For the other, Double Date!
Issue #83 – Avalon Rises
It has begun! The end of Vol 7 and the dawning of a new age in The Descendants. Witness as the dragon's warning comes true... and Avalon Rises!
Issue #84 – Darkness Falling
The secret of Avalon is revealed as the Adriel mount their assault outside.
Descendants Annual #7 – First Frost
Volume 7 ends with the aftermath of the Fallen Angel's rampage... and the emergence of a new enemy.
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