Descendants L.A. #6 – Above the Line pt. 3

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With one activation, both pods launched. The bike shuddered under the forces and was quickly hidden in a cloud of rocket exhaust. Six missiles tracked in on the targeted windows and flew inside before setting off their payload of flash-bang and glue grenades.

At the same time, Ray turned the Sally B back toward the steps. Icthiani cleared out one of the nests just by arriving and was engaging the second. That left the third for him and the main gunner knew it, which was why he was laying down a punishing volley of fire, hoping against hope that he’d hit something vital.

Ray had every confidence in Felix’s engineering chops that he wouldn’t, and the same that his idea would work. Press, hold, pull. The expanded foot wells popped open to reveal that they were indeed intakes for a suite of small but powerful jet engines. They all kicked in at once, not enough to make the incredibly heavy bike fly, but enough for a rampless jump some ten feet high.

The gunner stared dumbly for a second as the Sally B went airborne. He stopped when he realized that its back wheel was posed to come down right on his head. He abandoned his gun and threw himself to the side just in time for the two ton motorcycle to drop heavily onto the steps. The landing was softened by the jump-jets, but it still crushed the machine gun to useless junk.

Servos whirred and the upper shell opened to reveal Rebound. The gunner hadn’t seen the news from earlier that week and had no idea who he was, but he knew a prelate when he saw one. He drew his sidearm and squeezed off one to the head, two to the chest. The head shot glanced off Rebound’s helmet. The shots to his chest hit directly before falling to the floor of the Sally B as if they had stopped instantly upon contacting the man.

Ray was glad for his helmet. Otherwise, they men would have seen just how relieved he was to be taking small arms fire instead of the heavy caliber the Sally B had taken. He stepped out and waited patiently for the gunner, still clutching his pistol to stand. Then he hit him with an uppercut, fueled by the kinetic energy from his bullets and the hard landing, that carried him all the way to the top of the stairs.

“How was that for publicity, Dad?” He muttered.

To Be Continued…

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