Descendants L.A. #3 – Debut pt.3

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“What about the other legs?”

“I’ve only got the one set of arms and legs to use at home.” He rolled over to a different table, were the disassembled housing and non-cannibalized components of his prosthetic legs rested. They looked more than a little macabre sitting there, open to expose their circuitry and inner workings. “They’re a lot lighter,and the ‘skin’ on them actually lets me have a sense of touch through them.”

Icthiani glided over and took a look for herself, nodding in her approval at the idea even though she had no idea how it worked.

“The other legs are Teen Machine’s: armored, super-humanly strong, and with lots of hidden tricks. They take a lot of power to run, especially without the power core in my chest armor connected to them. I’d run them down wearing them around the house, then be useless when we need to do stuff.”

The daoine girl blinked. “The other legs belong to ‘Teen Machine’? That’s a strange way to put it. You are Teen Machine.”

Felix fiddled with the components before him, wondering if he should take the opportunity to go back to his original work. “That’s complicated. Did you have plays and stuff back in Faerie?” She nodded. “Good, then it’s not as complicated as I thought. Teen Machine is sort of like a character I play; only instead of entertaining people as him, I save them… aim to save them. We haven’t really saved anyone directly yet, I guess.”

Icthiani nodded slowly. “The armor and replacement limbs are functional pieces of your costume then. Much like my ‘uniform’. Huh.”

“You’ve got it.” He offered her a smile. “Maybe it’s not the same for the others, but ‘being’ Teen Machine sort of gives me the courage to do stuff regular old Felix Park would never do. Hell, you’d never get me on a motorcycle without my armor.”

She seemed to take this under deep consideration as he moved back to the glove box. It wasn’t until he’d transferred the diamond saw into box. “Then the idea behind ‘Lady Demon’ can be the same, couldn’t it?”

“If that’s what you want. But Ray’s not going to make you keep it if you don’t want to.”

“My brother just might. He thinks it’s very fitting for being such a…” The smirk became an amused, but open smile. “Pain in the ass.”

Felix laughed and put his hands into the gloves, all the way up to the visible metallic joints in his elbows. “You’re not just enjoying it, you’re kind of taking it as a badge of honor, aren’t you?”

Without seeming to take a step, she was beside him again, watching. “Why do you need to cut it?”

“Speaking of a pain in the ass.” He sighed lightly, “You did a little too good a job cutting it. I need to ugly it up a little before I can put it back together the right way. Otherwise, it might not be able to take the stress if I need it again.”

“I never considered that.” She admitted before bumping him aside with her hip. He started to protest, but shut up when he saw the red sparks dancing across her skin. She put on hand flat on the Lucite top of the box and muttered in High Soder.

Red light, like a viscus liquid oozed over the two halves of the cable, which writhed like far, blind worms before their severed ends found one another and fused seamlessly. In the next moment, the red light and the sparks on Icthiani’s skin were gone and the cable was made whole.

Icthiani nodded silently at Felix’s amazed stare. “What my powers can destroy can be remade.” With that, she straightened and started toward the door.

“T-thanks.” Felix said, turning to follow her retreat.

“I shouldn’t have done that in the first place.”She stopped at the door frame, turned, and sighed. “I’m not entirely ready to change my ways; I will be a pain in the ass for some time still. But I don’t hate you. And I’m sorry.”

Felix started to reply, but she cut him off. “Don’t say anything. I’m sure there will be more apologies and many chances to accept them. I can almost promise it. For now, I’m going to go train. And you now have time to rebuild your legs, or work on your other machines.”

The curious speed she and her brother were capable of carried her down the hall, and shortly thereafter, Felix heard her hitting the reinforced heavy bag in the gym.

He wasn’t entirely sure what had just happened, but it was a step forward. And it wasn’t just for Icthiani or himself, but for the team. Sure, their name was lifted from more experienced and successful heroes and only really applied to two of their five members. Sure, two of them weren’t even human and one of those was a self proclaimed pain in the ass and proud of it.

But if conversations like that kept happening, and if successes like earlier did too, maybe none of that mattered. Maybe they could do something amazing here.

Those thoughts swirling in his head, he started whistling the main theme from his favorite game and set to work on building. Nothing in particular, just something new. He felt inspired.

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