Descendants L.A. #2 – Debut pt.2

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Felix and Lydia were in a furious firefight with rogue operatives from some conveniently vaguely South American nation playing out on the large screen in front of the split couch. Ray, now sporting his glasses, was sitting with a tablet computer balanced on his knees, which were pulled up to provide him an inclined surface to work on.

Not wanting to disturb Ray, Josh went to the half of the couch Lydia was occupying and sat next to her. The concept of video games fascinated him, but he wasn’t confident enough in how they were played to accept their invitations to try just yet. He preferred watching and learning, which was much the same way he approached television and the internet too.

So how’d it go?” Lydia asked him without taking her eyes off the game, wherein she was methodically sniping guards to allow Felix to advance on an enemy compound.

Josh glanced over at Felix, who wasn’t even paying any attention to the side conversation. He was in his motorized wheelchair, a sight that was rare, given Felix’s love for building and upgrading new prosthesis even for normal use. He had also switched to his ‘indoor’ arms as he called them, streamlined and unadorned devices that were obviously mechanical and which contained a number of implements Felix might find useful around the apartment or down in his workshop and the garage.

Without the armor chassis he wore as Teen Machine, he was thin to the point of looking rather scrawny and looked even younger than his eighteen years. Felix chalked that up to laziness and letting his machines do all his work and Josh was inclined to believe him, seeing as his current personal project was a hamper that could tell when it was full and once it was, would drive itself to the laundry room to await whoever’s turn it was to do laundry. Basically, he was too nice a kid to deserve his sister’s misguided wrath.

He shrugged at Lydia’s question. “Probably was well as I can expect. I still don’t understand what her issue is and she doesn’t want me to. Hopefully, this talk will see her becoming more bearable to live with.”

“Dealing with the name issue might also help.” Ray said, glancing up from his coursework. “But still… it just seems like a general attitude problem. If she doesn’t tone down, I’m not sure how much help she’ll really be to the team.”

Josh nodded gravely. “I’m afraid you’re right.”

“Are you guys talking about what happened today with Ani?” asked Felix who was clearly not was engrossed in the game as he initially appeared to be. “If you are… just drop it guys.”

The effect couldn’t have been more confused if he had declared he was becoming Amish. Everyone was looking at him and trying o figure out why he would say such a thing.

“Man, she cut your arm off!” Said Lydia. “That’s kind of psycho.”

“And even ignoring that, her treatment of you is unacceptable. She is being a child.” Josh added.

Felix fidgeted in his seat. “I’ve got other arms. And I just need to patch the cable in my grappler.”

“That doesn’t fix the core problem.” Josh pressed.

“That she hates me?” Felix shrugged. “It’s not like anyone’s ever hated me before, guys. It’s not the end of the world.”

“It’s important because we’re supposed to work as a team.” Ray pointed out. “And right now, it’s looking like she doesn’t want to be part of it.”

“A team doesn’t mean friends.” Felix countered. He put the game on pause and set the controller on the arm of the one of the couches. “Hell, we don’t even know what ‘team’ means when it comes to being superheroes. We’re only the second people in history to try and pull it off and Ray, even you can’t tell me that you know whether or not the real Descendants are all best friends or not.”

There wasn’t really an answer to that. They didn’t know. There was a lot about this they didn’t know. And so they couldn’t do anymore but be silent as he continued.

“And me and Ani work together fine regardless. She opens the door, I send in an air-burst grenade. It doesn’t take us being close to make that happen. It’s not like I don’t wish we could all get along and hang out, but we don’t absolutely need it.” He backed his chair out of the space between the couch sections.

As he did, he did them an evil little smirk. “Plus, you know you’ve been talking stuff about her and she’s been listening since Lyds said she cut off my hand.”

He looked toward the kitchen and all their eyes followed to find Icthiani standing by the refrigerator, holding a half drunk bottle of water. Her face was impassive as she watched them all get hit by sudden pangs of guilt.

“I’ll be down in the garage working on Waltzing Matilda if you need me.” He said, referring to his bike, well his ‘primary’ bike. There were three copies of it, each with a slightly different load out and configuration. “Call me if you need anything!” With that, he wheeled over to the open elevator and as gone as the doors closed.

Very deliberate in her actions, Icthiani brought the bottle of water to her lips and took a long drink, making a show of savoring the cold liquid. Once she had drank her fill, she let out a satisfied sigh and smirked at the others.

“My dear brother said there was something you wanted to speak with me about?”

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