The Descendants #103 – Power and Responsibility Chp.3

“Anyone surprised Big Bird flew behind a waterfall?” Cyn was standing at the edge of a jutting rock outcropping overlooking another of Kukenán’s minor waterfalls. This one dropped about eighty feet into a deep pool with no visible outlets as its edges disappeared into the crowding jungle around it.

The team had landed the Karasu no Yūrei in a clearing a quarter mile away and walked to the top of the falls to make their way down.

“Not only that, but the chances of it just being a little cave with a mama pterodactyl and her chicks is rapidly approaching zero.” Tink agreed, crouching at the edge rock. Looking over her shoulder, she addressed the others. “So we have a ton of ways, but how are we going to get down?”

Lisa smirked and took a piece of glass from her spell reagent satchel. “Well take the elevator of course. Levante este pared!” She cast the glass into the space just beyond the waterfall and in a ripple of scarlet energy, it reformed into a translucent, pentagonal tile that then began to expand and subdivide until it became a platform about eight feet to a side floating about two feet … Continue reading

The Descendants #103 – Power and Responsibility Chp.2

As it happened, Kareem had already made an appointment for a therapy session with Dr. Lauren Masters on the same day the mission to South America was to take place. Warrick had no intention of interrupting that, so he moved to the next person on his list: the Descendants’ resident healer, Melissa.

To his surprise, she didn’t take much convincing once he explained to her that she’d be subbing in for Kareem.

Even as leader of the mission, Warrick had no idea how, but Tink had been sent a special transponder code via the ROCIC that would inform Venezuelan air traffic control that the team were allowed in their airspace. With that and plenty of gear for a multi-day trip if need be, they left Mayfield at around seven in the morning on an eight-hour flight south.

They spent that time pouring over satellite maps of the Kukenán region, searching for likely landing spots for the jet and locations for the artifact’s hiding place. It originally appeared to be a simple task: the tepui was less than two miles at its longest side, but at the same time, it was two thousand feet high with densely forested flanks, any of … Continue reading

The Descendants #103 – Power and Responsibility Chp.1

After months, the Descendants and the loose alliance of heroes under the semi-private banner of Life Savers, Inc had still failed to bring the former ROCIC installation they had been gifted as a headquarters to full operational capacity.

Nonetheless, Laurel had taken one of the higher level offices for her own even if she rarely used it and it was here that she was holding a meeting that she knew would change a lot of things when it came to the team.

“I get that you’ve got a lot to do,” Warrick Kaine was saying, sitting across from her with his palms on his knees as he leaned far forward in his seat, staring at the floor, “And I get that Mr. Smythe and Miss Keyes have to go to California for the thing with Mr. Smythe’s mom… but can’t we wait until they get back? I mean, we’ve waited all this time to go after these things.”

Across from him, Laurel’s expression was not unsympathetic. She knew she was putting a lot on his shoulders, but in order to move forward, she knew this was for the best. “We could, but they’re also going to be visiting Alexis’s family … Continue reading

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