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Issue #49 - George

For years, a mysterious figure named George has watched over the Descendants, lending the occasional aide and respite with little being known about him. Now, George has come to visit the Descendants and he's bringing with him the answer to one of the longest held secrets of The Descendants!

Issue #50 – Operation: All In

The Descendants' involvement in their plans has Tome on the ropes. Their resources are dwindling, the Board is looking for results, and Simon Talbot is in danger of losing his position. So what does he plan to do about it? He's betting it all on a risky assault on Braddock Island...

Issue #51 – Amore Detestabilis

They were the true first superheroes, chosen by a higher power to protect the world as they reincarnated into each new generation. And then something went wrong. Now, still gifted with their powers, but twisted from their original greatness, they're answering the call of a new higher power: Morganna.

Issue #52 – Scenes From a Changing World

Nothing stays the same, not even the Descendants Universe. From the personal to the global, witness several vignettes that show how far the world has come and where it is going.

Issue #53 – The House on Dawson Bay

Warrick, Cyn, Tink, Lisa, JC and Kay are away from Mayfield for the summer for a post-graduation blast! Too bad Lisa's neglected to tell JC the truth about everyone else before they embarked on a vacation where everyone expects to be able to use their powers.

Issue #54 – Shadow of the Kurounagi

Ian has been kidnapped by ninjas! Alexis and Laurel team up with some special guest stars to travel to Japan to save him, but why would ninjas fly halfway around the world to kidnap a superhero?

Issue #55 – Beer Money

Back at the beach house, Juniper has come for a visit and to sing with Snackrifice. That's all well and good, but at the same time, a group of college guys with an unusual power source are on a crime spree no one saw coming.

Issue #56 – Family Matters

The Keyes clan and the Smythes are getting together for the first time and Ian's competitiveness with his brother, Issac gets out of hand when they decide to see who makes the better Chaos. And as luck would have it, the Cadmus Twins are in town.

Issue #57 – Waylaid

Somehow, Tome has located the beach house and has launched a sneak attack. In the aftermath, an unlikely trio will have to band together to rescue their friends from the same fate the faced back before it all began.

Descendants Special #5 – Women in Free-fall

As the world changes, everyone is caught up in the shifting fortunes of the age. Here, we see how the stories of Melissa, Lisa, Kay and Tink have become or are becoming forever altered from lives lived at the center of the changing world.

Issue #58 – Alert UMW: Mages

Lisa, Kay and Kareem visit the University of Mary Washington to investigate the possibility that there are practicing mages there. Not only do they find those, but they also find Morganna's minions, there to carry out the mad sorceress's long awaited ritual to return herself to full power!

Issue #59 – Return of the Magi

The full team converges on Morganna's newly created wizard's tower to stop her ritual, but between them and their goal stands the unbeatable force that is Inexorable. Can the Descendants and their new mystical allies stop Morganna in time? The conclusion of Morganna's Body, the arc that will change forever how the Descendants Universe operates.

Issue #60 – Rust Buckets

Cyn's father and his descendants hating friends come calling on Mayfield with the intent of taking down as many Descendants as possible, especially everyone's favorite girl in gold. But with a major communications failure keeping them from coordinating, it's every descendants for themselves against the giant robots of the Rust Bucket Boys (and Mama). Introducing the resourceful renegade: Renaissance.

Descendants Annual #5

Volume 5 draws to a close with Cyn and Melissa having a talk about where they stand, Warrick and Tink discuss her first foray into heroism, and Laurel and Alexis observe a new threat of the horizon.

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