City of Bards (Soul Battery, #2)

SB_02_200x320With Pele suffering a bizarre mental crisis, her friends scramble to find answers.

Believing that the link is to blame, Ru seeks out a cadre of magi whose research might hold insights into its inner workings. At the same time, Kaiel, Brin and Layaka uncover more of the terrible sins the hailene visited upon Pele.

Meanwhile, a new assassin is dispatched to put an end to Vul Azan—and it’s a very familiar face.

Return to the World of Ere and the lives of Pele, Ru, Kaiel, Brin, Raiteria and the other characters from Rune Breaker for the start of an all-new adventure. Witness new places, new wonders—and new threats while along for a ride every bit as thrilling as the first series.

The World of Ere: Fantasy like you’ve never read it before.


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