The Whitecoat and the Second String #4

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series The Whitecoat and the Second String

He took out his phone and flicked through a few screens before passing it around with a picture displayed. “The thing was, they never expected him to be so…”

“Cute.” Stunner said, engrossed with the picture. “Wow, it really is cute. How can two things so disgusting be cute?”

Urban snatched the phone form her. “Aw, he looks sweet. They were going to neutralize him?”

Owl frowned. “Yeah, the suits upstairs ordered it for budget cutting reasons, the scientists tried to hide him, and then the Westies got wind of the scientists acting secretive and figured there was something valuable in the lab’s storage rooms.“

Urban passed the phone to Improv, who looked at it for several seconds and then set his steady gaze on Owl. “Did they?”

“Funny thing:” Owl replied. “Officially, I used a couple of throwing feathers to pop the truck’s tires, caused it to plow into a NYInfo kiosk, and in the process, the storage box malfunctioned and Bryce was accidentally destroyed in the process.”

“Officially.” I pointed out as the room seemed to come down. “But if you look at the picture, the floor that little piggy’s standing on doesn’t look like the back of a truck.”

All eyes turned to Owl who smiled a little. “His creators never wanted him destroyed, and they’re the ones that called me. They obviously couldn’t keep him themselves, so… Like I said, were trade favors. This time, it was a mutual favor.”

To Be Continued…

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