The Whitecoat and the Second String #3

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series The Whitecoat and the Second String

Owl just her off. “So did you…”

Improv grunted and showed his cards. “Yeah. Got it.” A pair of nines, ace high. Victory! “Guy didn’t live though.”

We were all quiet for a few minutes while I raked my chips in and put them in obsessive compulsive little piles. Failing to save someone was one of those things that hurt in some ways, more than all the beatings we took day to day. Saving lives was easy. Losing them was hard.

“Owl.” I finally said. He glanced at me. “I think we need to bring the room back up. Tell them the one you told me the other day.”

He snorted, then shook his head. “Ah, man. It’s embarrassing though.”

Stunner perked up at this. “Ooo. Those are the best stories of all.”

Owl sighed. “Okay fine. Just… deal the cards.”

To Be Continued…

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