The Spider’s Seven #3 – The Enforcer and the Faceman

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series The Spider's Seven Vol 1

Anansi set his glass down and it might as well have been a thunderclap for the reaction it got at the table. “What I’m offering both of you is not a continuation of your quest for revenge or your struggle for survival. I am offering you the chance to become more than what you are. You will be paid. You will be allowed to leave at any time you want without question. But most importantly, I swear that I will not ask you, or him,” He gestured to where King was sitting at another table, having witnessed the entire thing. “To do any more harm to the innocent. Will you give me that chance?”

To their mutual surprise, both Wendell and Susan found themselves nodding.

To Be Continued…

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