Pa-X Peace Agreement Database

If you work in the field of peacebuilding or international development, you may have heard of the Pa-X Peace Agreement Database. This innovative tool allows researchers and policymakers to access and analyze peace agreements from around the world, helping to advance our understanding of how peace negotiations can be successful.

The Pa-X Peace Agreement Database was created by the Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP), a research project based at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The database currently holds information on over 1,750 peace agreements, dating back to 1990.

What sets Pa-X apart from other databases of peace agreements is its focus on the process of peace negotiations. The database includes detailed information on the actors involved in negotiations, the issues that were discussed, and the provisions that were agreed upon. This information can be used to analyze patterns and trends in peace negotiations, and to identify factors that contribute to successful outcomes.

In addition to its research potential, Pa-X can also be a valuable resource for peacebuilding practitioners and policymakers. The database includes information on the implementation of peace agreements, including the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms, the demobilization of armed groups, and the promotion of gender equality. This information can be used to inform the design of new peace agreements and to evaluate the effectiveness of existing ones.

Pa-X is also designed to be user-friendly and accessible. The database can be searched by keyword, country, year, or actor, allowing users to find the information they need quickly and easily. The website also includes interactive visualizations that show trends and patterns in peace negotiations over time.

Overall, the Pa-X Peace Agreement Database is a valuable resource for anyone interested in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Its comprehensive and detailed information on peace negotiations around the world can help researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to better understand what works in building lasting peace.

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