Descendants L.A. #9 – Ensemble (Part 3)

This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 1

Icthiani was perched on the other half of the couch, coffee cup clutched in her hands, leaned forward, staring at the television. She watched TV like most people watched a starving lion, with mixed wariness and fascination. It didn’t seem to matter what it was, she was watching, she took it all in and never showed any other emotion beyond rapt until later when she would complain or praise shows when she heard others talking about it.

She didn’t bother hm and unless he read her wrong (and that was possible), he wasn’t bothering her either.

Ensconced in the softness of the couch and just the right amount of background noise from the television, Ray waded hip-deep into a discussion of the cultural and political impact of the railroad on societies as they became more and more ubiquitous.

He was getting tempted to follow the link to an old feature film apparently chronicling the true story of lions terrorizing a railway building expedition when the icon indicating that he had an incoming text message.

When opened, it read. ‘Were you telling the truth? I need help, La Brea west commuter pod station. Ladies Room.’

To Be Continued…

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