Daughters of Buffy: Examining and Improving Upon the Modern Heroine


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  1. Just a slight typofix, the Terminator character was Connor, not Connors.

  2. In all fairness, “Kick Chicks” are validated by the fact that women have far less upper body strength than men. I’ve been made to understand that many self-defense courses and methods emphasize using kicks and lower body strength for women, because that’s where most of their physical strength is.

    • That doesn’t actually justify it because that’s just an average without taking things like training into account. There’s no reason for a seasoned female fighter not to be good at joining fist to face. Not only that, but strength has very little to do with whether you can win a fist fight or not. It’s mostly skill.

      So that only justifies Kick Chicks existing, not being as numerous as they are.

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