The Whitecoat: Networked #1

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series The Whitecoat: Networked

Chapter the First; In Which our Hero Relates a Perplexing Event.

[This story takes place between Descendants Special #2 and Descendants #23]

He stood like an Adonis of prelate-dom on atop his vanquished foe, resplendent in his red, padded shirt and darker breeches, encircled by a gold belt covered with compartments and pouches. His yellow cape billowed dramatically in the wind, showing off the infinity symbol emblazoned upon it in blue. The same symbol, contained within a yellow triangle sat proudly between his rippling pectorals. His dark, shoulder length hair was tied back in a ponytail that also caught the wind just perfectly.

On the ground below him, an unconscious man; who before being soundly dispatched had gone by the name Death Claw (obviously for the outsized, electricity conducting claw he’d grafted to his left arm) lay senseless. He’d been beaten before he’d even been aware that a high speed flying punch was coming his way.

But he wasn’t the focus of attention. Well, honestly, he had been; seeing as how he’d held the mayor hostage and all; but that was before the Champion of the Boroughs, the Defender of the Metropolis, New York’s Prelate: John Harding, AKA; Infinity had … Continue reading

Rise of Morganna #1

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Rise of Morganna

(This chapter takes place immediately after the events of Descendants #7)

North of Wales, 1130 A.D.

Rain poured down in rippling curtains, making it difficult to see even a few feet in front of her nose even under the heavy tree cover that protected the path through the forest. In perfect weather, the trail was dusty, steep, and treacherous. In the deluge, it was a river of sucking mud. No person with any kindness would let even the most hated dog in their household out into such a downpour, much less volunteer to go out in it themselves.

But Elise of Hafren braved it. Bundled in a horse blanket against the driving rain, her feet bare for fear of losing her only pair of shoes, she pressed up the hill, sliding in the muddy soup all the way. She knew the way from following her father along it to the ancient stone house that squatted at the hill’s summit like a sleeping dragon.

Aside from herself, her father was the only person from the village to visit them. The folk who fished the river and tended the fields refused to consider the idea and called Marcus of Hafren mad to … Continue reading

Issue #0 From There to Here

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 1: Welcome to Freeland House

In the aftermath of a horrible revelation, seven psionics retreat to Freeland House in Mayfield, Virginia. There, they face the terrible truth, come to know one another, and figure out what to do with the future they all now face.

Continue reading

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