Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.7

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A dozen ROCIC carriers had were landed all across the Freeland House lawns as agents worked with MPD officers to disarm and round up the Moreau Corps soldiers. At least thirty had been left behind when TOME pulled its forces out, along with a handful of injured inugami whose self-destruct mechanisms hadn’t detonated them whether by error or because those devices had been destroyed.

“Looks like they did a number on your house, Miss Brant.” Jonathan Edward Tyler, aka Prometheus came to stand beside Codex who was watching as ROCIC agents worked to haul Kali and Beowulf out of the freshly discovered Freeland House basement.

Her visor was open since there was no point in trying to hide her identity anymore, and the expression it revealed was unreadable. “Interesting bit of symmetry. This all started when you destroyed Ian’s house, now you’re at mine after someone tried to destroy it.” She turned to face him fully. “What brings you here anyway? The last I heard, you were helping assemble the president’s Superhuman Affairs agency.”

“I am. You wouldn’t believe how much time’s been wasted by the politicians trying to name it with a forced acronym.” He paused to watch as … Continue reading

Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.4

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The gunfire started up outside just as Improv was passing through the mirror gate and while Kali was waiting her turn to go through with her own bin.

“What’s that?” she asked, looking around in a mild panic.

“Freeland House’s automated defenses,” Barn Owl replied, extending his high-tech wings. “The bad guys must have reached the grounds.”

Mark chewed his bottom lip and did his best to square up his shoulders, though he fear made itself obvious in his voice. “They’re coming now? For real? And the ones guarding the way out are us?”

Urban Ranger was quick to put a steadying hand on his shoulder. “Relax. You wouldn’t have been sent in at all if Codex and the rest of us didn’t believe you could handle it. Just be on your guard and be ready to fight.”

“Besides,” added Barn Owl, “You’ve got us veterans here to back you up.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than a resounding thump sounded and he pitched forward. Urban Ranger took her compound bow off her back and extended it, drawing and nocking an arrow in the same motion.

“Ahh!” She hissed as something struck the knuckled of the … Continue reading

Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.3

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The free-lev systems of another Tome carrier exploded as a series of red beams from Lady D ripped through them. Half the attacking fleet had dropped their cloaks to divert power to their own standing field generators. A good quarter of them were now already on the ground or slowly sinking in that direction.

Rebound leapt out of the cockpit of the craft he’d attacked and was caught by a vortex called up by Zephyr. A moment later, a blast of air cannoned him into the side of another carrier. He struck the standing field and rolled to standing atop it.

“Looks like my trick’s not gonna work twice,” he reported over the comms, “I’m going to try and hammer my way through like they’re doing to the Freeland House shields.” Dropping to a knee, he began pounding the shield with rapid-fire blows with his fists. The shield flashed and rippled, but failed to give. “No good.”

“Move back. Let me try something.” Darkness flew overhead, a flickering glaive made of compacted black heat particles held fast in her hands. Keeping her breaths slow and steady, she turned her thoughts inward, toward that tiny section of her brain that she … Continue reading

Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.2

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“This is Jennifer Li, NP5 coming to you live from out front of the property known as Freeland House, home of daughter of Brant Industries CEO William Brant, chair of Descendants Rights Worldwide, Headmistress of the Liedecker Institute, and suspected sponsor of the prelate team known as The Descendants where a truly bizarre phenomenon is unfolding. Flashes of light and booming in the sky; witnesses are reporting that it sounds like artillery fire and I’m not one to disagree.”

It was true. Bright flares were overpowering even the light of the sun in the sky above Freeland House, and with each one came a sound like thunder. The air itself seemed to vibrate as the frequency of the flashes slowly picked up speed.

Soon, they were a constant patter that completely drowned out the reporter’s voice.

If anyone at home could read lips, they would have discovered that Jennifer had just received word from the studio that News Provider 5’s war corespondent had identified the sights and sounds she was reporting on: coil-gun rounds striking a standing field.

And the noise inside was even worse.

“She could’ve warned us about this part!” Whitecoat pressed his palms over his ears under … Continue reading

Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.1

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When the LSI Headquarters had been a domestic government black site, it had been built with the idea of temporarily housing both high risk informants and prisoners for interrogation. So it came as no surprise that there were cells on the lower levels.

Given the nature of the threats LSI and specifically The Descendants dealt with, those cells were woefully inadequate even if they were in the business of keeping covert prisoners. At least they hadn’t been until they gained a voluntary one in the form of a centuries-old magical construct wearing the face of a friend.

Since the Manikin had no need for food or water, and no reason to exercise, she stayed alone in the locked cell reinforced by mystic wards with only the occasional visits from Laurel to interview her to provide company. Lisa had been skittish of coming face-to-face with her.

Until now.

The normally invisible ward on the door flared to life before fading away. Moments later there was a beep and the magnetic locks in the door disengaged. Finally, the door opened and Lisa Ortega stood there, turned to a silhouette by the harsh lights in the corridor.

She’d been prepared to say something … Continue reading

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