A Verbal Agreement Isn`t Worth The Paper It It Written On

Fifteen years later, when Israeli Prime Minister Jitzchak Rabin sent me to Oslo to correct the draft declaration of principle (DOP) that had been secretly developed there by PLO representatives and two Israeli academics, I was faced with the same dilemma. The DOP project was full of problems, including the fact that the document did not reflect the agreements that the two academics had notified me with the Palestinians. I liked what the PLO representatives would have agreed, but I found the agreed DOP project totally deficient. I did not know why there was such a gap between the text and what the academics told me that the PLO agreed. Was the gap due to misunderstandings between the two sides in Oslo, so that what the Israelis thought they had agreed was not really agreed by the Palestinians? Or did the Palestinians play “Bait and Switch” on the Israelis by promising the sky in oral interviews and then by maneuvering their Israeli colleagues to accept a completely different text? In my view, this is perhaps the most difficult mission a negotiator has ever been placed on. The resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was in itself the most difficult challenge in international negotiations. The definition of a deficient draft agreement to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been exponentially more difficult: a “fix” on the power of two. Contracts are the backbone of any business. It comes in many different forms, from standard documents to unique contracts. For them to work commercially, they must work legally. Specialized advice on your important contracts and terms and conditions contributes to the importance of them being worth much more than the paper they are written on. Sometimes conditions are written in a contract, even if you have not expressly agreed to them. These are called implicit terms.

For example, in 1994, at the signing ceremony of the Gaza-Jericho agreement in Cairo, I surprised PLO President Jasser Arafat, who claimed to sign the cards of the agreement (which is an integral part of the agreement) but did not really sign them. Another essential element of a valid contract is review (unless the agreement is reached). The recital was defined as an incentive to conclude the contract; the cause, motive, price or motor effect that drives a contractor to enter into a contract; The reason or material cause of a contract a right, interest or benefit or benefit owed to it, or some leniency, loss, loss or liability granted to the other party, incurred or assumed. While for many years the falsely reported quote of Samuel Goldwyn or Metro, Goldwyn, Meyer glory, of “an oral contract is not worth the paper on which it is written” has the basis of the opinion that oral contracts are not enforceable, this myth is dangerous. During this period, I internalized Dayan`s approach to oral chords and, over the years, I have seen evidence of his accuracy.

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